Collections: Rex Video King

I have always been a collector. Mostly books, magazines and images. Being born in the 70's I have a particular affinity for magazines and pop culture items from the late 70's through the early 90's. Prior to reality television making celebrities out of pretty much anyone, tv and movie magazines were much more artistic than the In Touch and OK tabloids today. Covers were important and there were many glossy images, many from photographer Harry Langdon of the most beautiful women on television and the movies. TV Guides were a must and I loved collecting them from all over the world.

When I was 26 I moved from the city to be closer to my new job. Each of the first five years included a move to a new place to live. Small apartments, living with friends, saving until I could have my own place. In those five years, those five moves I sold, gave away and through out much of my collections. Part of me regrets this from time to time but even though I am now in my thirties I still don't feel settled yet. There are still many moves left in me and having less makes traveling much easier.

Three shots above: AJPack

When I was profiling model AJPack last week, I came across his work with London photographer Rex Video King. Now I know I should have been focused on the men but for some reason I was equally struck by their surroundings. Given that FH is now in it's 5th year I have seen photographers place naked models in almost every setting imaginable. I think Rex's shots are the first time I have seen collections included in the mix. While most photographers stick to subtle backgrounds, as not to distract from the model, Rex loves using natural and interesting, what he describes as fussy backgrounds. As time goes on, I am finding it far more interesting to see models placed within an environment instead of placed in front of it.


'I like the strong lines of shelves, books etc against the curves of the male body.'
Rex King


'Loving music, I started collecting - and this dates me - LPs thousands or LPs. Of course there are now thousands of CDs as well. Add to that a love of books. The piano is a 1929 early electric pianolla loving restored and, of course, there are hundreds of piano rolls. And I forgot to mention the theatre posters - three floors of them! and I think they make a wonderful back drops.'

Below: Devon

'I'm not commercial, but I hate saying amateur as I had years of video experience before I started photography and have brought to it some of those past skills. I use the word fussy for backgrounds but I love working in the open with trees and leaves and with a plain brick wall. All have their own shapes and this against the natural curves of the model make pictures interesting. I also like working with mirrors and am now experimenting with candles. A recent shot was done in a formal friend's house with mirrors and statues and the results, in my opinion were terrific - putting a model in clothes in that setting would be treason!'


Check out more of Rex's work on ModelMayhem HERE:
& if your model working or traveling through London be sure to contact Rex about adding some of his images in your portfolio collection!