Josey Greenwell: Country Boy

I generally feature an artist on Thursdays, well today, won’t be any different.  So I present you with a gorgeous singer/songwriter by the name of Josey Greenwell.  Not only is is OMFG HOT, he also has a great voice, and drumroll please…He’s a gay country music singer.  To read more about Josey, and to hear some of his music (not to mention a few shirtless pics) then head over to The Closet Professor for the full story.  Now back to the hotness, you know how I have a thing for Jeeps (see Instant Repost: Jeep, Cumming on Monday: What Makes Me Cum, and Andy and the Jeep) and, well, SUVs in general, I could not help but be blown away by these pics of Josey and whatever kind of vehicle this is.  The rest of the pics are some hot country boy pics of Josey.  BTW, I had to include the first picture above because with his blond hair cut really short and his blue eyes, Josey looks a lot like the guy I had a crush on all through junior high and high school.

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And here is a song for you guys, to give you a glimpse at just how sexy this guy is. He says, "In the mood for a little bedtime mashup..." now don't you want to be in that bed with him, and I love to hear him sing my favorite part of Rihanna's S&M.