Something Different

I haven't been writing very much on my posts lately.  I've been so busy lately that I haven't even been able to respond to the comments of my readers.  I feel really bad about that, but I do want you to know that I read them all, and from here on out, I will respond to them periodically.  That being said, I've been mulling over some things in my mind lately, fetishes and whatnot (see Tuesday's posts), and one particular one has really had me going for a while now.  One of my readers Mack who writes the blog It Must Be Around Here Somewhere wrote about going to a nudist retreat.  I have always thought that would be a great thing to experience, but there was one part of his first post that really got me hot.  Here is what he said:
I have to admit, though, one of my guilty pleasures was something every guy should experience. I got to pee in the woods hands-free. Now think about this, if you're a guy, can you ever recall a time when you didn't have to fumble with removing coverings of any kind, or hold it to aim? When was the last time, you could just let it go? It felt so primaeval.
 I have to admit, I love to pee outside.  My mother has always said that was trashy, but dammit she can't pee standing up.  Anyway, I would love to be able to walk around outside and just pee when the moment strikes.  The pictures in this post are not of guys peeing hands free in nature, I searched but found it pretty hard to find. The only ones that I could find was the one above and the one below of the guy in the pond.

Cigarette, beer, cargo shorts, tennis shoes with no socks, preppy guy in the background, outdoor piss…What more could you ask for in this pic? Not only are all four guys in this picture hot, so is the guy peeing (I find the way he is holding the beer bottle very, I don’t know the word for it, it just makes me hot). Also, the looks on their faces is priceless and other than the guy looking over his shoulder to make sure he is not caught peeing in public, the whole picture us just so casual.

Roman: There will be more pics of him later today.