Catching His Eye: The photography of macpics

If my theory that it is always one image that begins my love affair with an artists work, with photographer macpics it was without a doubt 'sunlit' (see below). The combination of location (blinds, dark hardwood), pose and especially the use of natural light from the window create a truly incredible image. In addition, the straw hat that covers the models face adds an air of mystery weaved within the eroticism.

In today's world of digital photography most of us may not remember the magic that many of us connected with photography when we were children. I remember wondering how the little roll of Kodak film actually transformed from inside my parents little Polaroid into the images we would receive back several weeks, even months later. For Ian from macpics, this magic began is love of photography.

'I first became interested in photography as a small child watching my grandfather develop films and print shots. I found it fascinating to see a picture appear from nowhere on a piece of paper.'


For the first time about 10 years ago. Ian picked up his own camera. His grandfather, once the magician, moved on to the role of teacher, and taught Ian the basics he needed to get started. Ian learned pretty much everything else through his work and experience shooting along the way.

'I shoot all sorts of subjects - anything which catches my eye, really. I started portraiture about 20 years ago, mostly using male subjects. It might be a face which interests me, it might be a face, and hands, I think can be very erotic. I don't look for a particular type, in spite what the photos shown here, it's what- or whoever catches my eye.'

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