Model Search 2012: Arturo Magadan

FH & Marlen Boro's Model Search 2012!
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Arturo Magadan

A few words from Arturo about himself and why you should give him your vote:

'My name is Arturo, I’m Mexican/Spanish and I got into the modeling business because of a friend of mine who told me I had potential to be a Model, so he introduced me to a Photographer, we did some test and I got signed by FORD MODELS in Chicago, I couldn’t believe it. I’m very exited to explore the vision and work of new photographers!!! I believe that if the shoot works and beautiful images are derived from, then its a WIN/WIN situation for both : MODEL (me) and PHOTOGRAPHER (Marlen). Modeling is like acting, for just a few moments you can be whoever you want, expressing feelings and emotions throughout pictures it’s just priceless.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Arturo Magadan on Model Mayhem